Monday, March 1, 2010

Cooking vegetables and Entrepreneurship

Caution :
Well I am no entrepreneur..neither am i a professor ..nor a guru teaching people about entrepreneurship. This post is solely based on the observation I have made and I don not guarantee any proof of whatsoever kind that the conclusion I made from my observation is cent percent true.

Entrepreneurship has always been an interesting subject to me. Reading about global entrepreneurs has been a hobby kinda thing for me. Last Saturday, I was in my kitchen trying hard to cook some vegetables. This is when I found out that there are numerous teachings a man/woman/other can get about entrepreneurship while cooking vegetables (Could be non-vegetable items too. But being a supporter of PETA, solely because of the bullet girls that campaign for them, I would only use the reference of vegetables).

First, begin with the shopping of right vegetables and spices. This is similar to searching the right resources for your company. The resources mean human as well as non-human resources. The better you get, the better your end product will be. Also, the price factor is to be kept in mind. The better the product you make, the better your profit is going to be.

Next lesson you learn is when you start chopping vegetables. Once in a while you may get cuts and bruises. This is similar to an entrepreneur experiencing down periods in his financial performance. These bruises shouldn't take your enthusiasm away. These bruises and cuts will teach you to be more alert in the future. Also, as you gain experience, these events of cuts and bruising will minimize.

Now, when you have cut the vegetables and kept the pan on the heater, you have to take major decisions. Whether the food is going to be totally fried, or totally boiled or a mixture of it. Similar to this, an entrepreneur must have a focused plan for his company. Whether his company will be an IT product/service company or a non IT one. And among these also, he has to choose the various options to be sure of the kind of final product he wants to make.

In the middle of the cooking, you have to add spices. The perfect amount of salt. The perfect amount of ginger paste, chilly, turmeric, etc. An entrepreneur too must hire right number of people for management purpose, R&D purpose, maintenence purpose, etc. Also, a similar choice is to made while dividing the budget for each of these departments. Extra salt would ruin the taste of the food.

The ideal time for cooking vegetables is a very interesting value. It depends on a number of variables like the method of cooking, the type of pan used for cooking, the vegetables used, the taste preferred by the consumer. In industry too, the time taken to make the products are constrained by various variables. The complexity of the product. The efficiency of the R&D, production and sales team. The time when the demand in the consumer market would be maximum.

And, finally when the vegetable is cooked, the way you serve it can make a big difference. An entrepreneur has to read the mind of the consumers and present the products accordingly. Advertisements, gala-openings, discounts, etc come into picture. Selling is an art. So is decorating the food while serving it.

I think it would thus be safe to say that cooking vegetables is a crash course to an individual dreaming of being an entrepreneur.

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