Monday, October 10, 2011

Servo Motor Problem : Clean up the shaft

The servo motor in my house, which is used to pump water stopped working last night. It was giving a small humming noise and was actually eating up power ( I switched on the light and the power of light went down when I switched on the motor). But, water was not being pumped. And also absent was the big sound it creates when pumping water.

First, I checked the wire connections to see if there was any discontinuity. But that was fine.

Then I opened up the back end of the motor, where the fan is situated. Refer to the highlighted screws in the image below to open up the back-end. I opened the back part, and cleaned up the shaft that holds the fan. Due to the accumulation of dust and mostly hair in the shaft, the rotor was not movable during normal operation. Only, after cleaning the shaft did the rotor work properly. After cleaning the shaft and manually rotating the shaft for few rotations, I put the back-end back to the motor.

Hurrah ! I had the motor working again.

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