Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teaching your children

With Kathmandu being the center of almost every good and bad thing in the nation, students are thronging the city with high hopes to get better education and future job prospects. Far away from home, they either reside in their relatives' homes or in hostels or in shared apartments. I often wonder if they are choosing the best option.

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Although there is no doubt in the quality of education you can get in the colleges/schools in Kathmandu compared to that in other parts of the country, leaving your home does have some dangerous consequences. (By home, I mean family.... not the concrete walls and ceilings)

Formal education is a big aspect in determining the future of any individual. But, we are missing the bigger factor while deciding on our future. The informal education that we get from our parents and family is even more important in shaping our ideology and our character than the formal education. Our upbringing molds us and thus defines our future.

Among the informal education, one can speak of values and culture we learn from our parents. The actions of our parents does have significant impact on our minds. Parents are the greatest role models one can ask for. It is the duty of parents to guide and shape their children to make them ready for the hardships of life in the future.

I get amazed when many parents try to escape from their parental duties and keep their children in hostels and other places. If they think that they can't shape their children in a good way, how can they trust the hosteliers to do so. Isn't it just a technique to strip yourself off the responsibility. How can you ask your children to have strong character when you are shying away from your responsibilities? Don't you think your children too will always run away from problems?

Apart from being role models, parents can become best friends with their children. If anyone understands their children the most, it is them-the parents. You may keep your children in paradise, but without family, the paradise would mean nothing. Being with your children will enable children to learn family values, ethics and of all, character.

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