Sunday, September 23, 2012

Managing Emotions

The life we have is very complicated. No matter how strong you are or how lucky you are, there comes a time when life hits you so hard, it just takes away the confidence, the smile and the happiness. And it is much harder for those who have used years to build themselves so strong that crying is not an option. At least, the tears would have let the emotions out and maybe caused some relief. But, tears are leisure these people don't have. Then how do we react to such situations?

Life really is a bitch. It hits you so hard, nothing hurts more than its punches. And you keep wondering what went wrong? What could I have done to not be in this situation? You question the "lord". You start questioning your philosophy. You start doubting yourself. At times, these situations are so bad, you feel helpless. You can't do a shit about the things happening around you. Makes you feel so weak. So damn unliving. So damn worthless. All the confidence drained out. All the hope drained out. And all the smiles lost in the ocean.

And my question again goes. How do you react to these situations?

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