Monday, October 22, 2012

Does God Exist? : An unbiased thought

What/Who/Where is God? Is it just a creation of our imagination? Or does it really exist?

First, let us think of the scenario if God didn't exist and we all knew about it. What would happen then? The events that take place in our life and that of others would be solely determined by the randomness. No purpose of the events. Just random occurrence of them. Think about it. When you come out of your house, you have no idea if you will return home. You have no reassurance that by driving safely, you will actually be safe. You have no reassurance that you may be hit by a raging bull or have a car accident. You could die anytime. You could loose your limb anytime. Scary thought, isn't it?
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How would people react when they know there is no hidden power to guide and control them? What would they do when they know that their bad deeds won't be punished by the "God"? The only thing they should beware of is the legal system. What if the legal system too went wrong? They have greater incentive in this materialistic world to follow the bad deeds. The whole earth would be based on evil. (Well, you can argue, what is evil then when everyone follows it and it is considered right way)

The belief that God exists builds a conscience in us. What if this conscience suddenly disappears one day? Think of the society, the nation and the whole globe under this circumstances. It surely is scary as hell. (Again, what/where/how is hell?)

So, my question is do we really believe in the existence of God or do we want to believe in the existence of God?

I raise this because although there are so many questions about the existence of God; most of us neglect these questions and unconditionally believe or want to believe in the existence of God. Coz, if there is no God, life will be so unpredictable ... so scary ... so random.

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