Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The tale of two genders

After all the researches regarding the behavioral differences in the two genders: male and female, and after all the literature regarding this, it is so surprising that a lot of people are still unable to understand and thus cope with these differences.

Psychology has perhaps given us the best insight on being happy. By understanding each other better, it enables us to predict behaviors and react to the best interest of the other.

Perhaps the best book in the behavioral understanding of the two genders is " Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". I have always promoted this book amongst both the young age group and the elderly ones. The insights it gives regarding the differences in perception and actions of the two genders is very interesting.

Since the 5 years that I had read the book, my understanding about the behavior of men and women has been far better. It has given me a different power to accustom to the behavior of the people near me.

Understanding the same gender behavior is not rocket science to many. But understanding the complexities of the opposite sex is a different ball game. A lot of fights between couples take place due to this misunderstanding. While female tries to talk through her problems, men try to resolve them. Many a times, it seems women just want to share their problems with others by the way of talking about it. But, men try to find solutions to these problems. And that creates friction. Women will talk about any problem in the world, be it solvable or not. When you throw an unsolvable problem at men, they find it hard to digest that they can't resolve it. When in fact, women were not trying to resolve the problem, but just trying to talk about it. By talking about it, women get a sigh of relief and feel light. But, in the mean time, the male counterpart feels bogged down for not being able to resolve the problem. He feels disgusted. When similar situations arise again, he lets his cool down and shows his frustration in the form of anger. And then the fight starts.

This is just an example of the differences between the psychologies of men and women. By not understanding each others behavior, we are constantly fighting over.

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