Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Converting PDF File to Microsoft Excel File

Pdf files have been a revelation for sending information across the globe. Apart from its formal look, pdf files have additional advantage of being read-only (most features) and thus establish authenticity of the information being presented in the files. But, for researchers and data enthusiasts, copying data from pdf files to excel or other format is very hard. A lot of times I see my friends logging in to online pdf to excel converters to extract the data into processable format.

Mind you, not all data in pdf file can be extracted into Excel format. Only those pdf files, which have originated from some excel forms will be able to give you exact data while conversion.

The steps are very simple.

Step 1: Open the pdf file and Save As text file.
Step 2: Open the text file and Save As Excel file.

Although the chances of getting the data in Excel file in format same as it was in pdf are minimal, this conversion is worth a try. A lot of online converters give you similar outputs.

If you want better converters, then try looking for those that involve optical character readers (OCRs). But, as a free and simple starting point, this can be a handy method.

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