Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finite State Machine Compiler and Explorer in HDL

When compiling the HDL code, FSM Compiler and FSM Explorer come into picture. These tools hugely optimize the resource used by the logic in terms of space and timing.

FSM Compiler :-
-> It automatically detects state machines in the source code.
-> Implements the state encoding depending on the number of states present in the state machine, i.e.
    a) 0-4 states :- Sequential encoding.
    b) 5-24 states :- One hot encoding.
    c) >24 states :- Gray encoding.
-> Performs reachability analysis, i.e.
    a) optimize away all state that can't be reached.
    b) optimize all transition logic that can't be reached.

FSM Explorer :-
-> Uses Finite State Machines extracted by the FSM Compiler.
-> Runs through each encoding style as discussed in the FSM Compiler segment. And this tool will select the best (most performant) implementation.

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