Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nepal Telecom ADSL settings for PLANET router

The steps to follow are:-

1) Connect the computer to the router via a point to point connector.
Point to Point connector

2) Setup the wired lan connection with the router.

3) Access the router.
Do this by opening any internet browser, i.e. Goolge Chrome or Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, etc. and type in

4) In the Network Section, click on WAN.

5) Fill the fields with values as shown in the following pic. :
In the username and password (shown by the green ellipses) fill in the details as provided by the Nepal Telecom.

6) Click on the Save button given at the end of the page.

7) Then goto Admin section and click on commit/reboot. Click on Reboot.

The system will go for a reboot. When the router comes up, you will be able to access the internet. Yippie ! ! !

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