Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Compiling top file in the beginning during Simulation in Verilog

Generally, we tend to compile the top verilog design file at the end, i.e. after compiling all other sub-blocks. Although this is a very good practice while synthesizing the code, you may face problems during synthesis and simulation if you are using `defines in your code to instantiate modules or signals conditionally.

Follow the following example:-

If you compile the sub block first and then compile the top block, then the output would be an OR gate. That is because, when the sub-block is being compiled, ANDGATE is not defined as yet. So, the OR gate would be instantiated.

But, if you compile the top file and then compile the sub-block, then AND gate would be instantiated, as the sub-block detects the ANDGATE to have been defined earlier.

So, it is a good practice during simulation, to compile the top block before the sub-blocks.

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