Monday, February 13, 2012

Success at the sacrifice of Principles

Ever since I started the MBA, I have consistently been in a fix over the priority common people set between success and their principles. It seems, in Nepal, most of us are ready to murder our principles even for "free-lunches". So, it is quite common to find people sacrificing principles for their "success". But my question is " Is the success achieved by sacrificing principles really a success ?"

Let us take a reference. I dream of building a billion dollar company. But, if I start compromising on my principles,... on the business ethics,... on my social responsibility, then even if I achieve the dream, will I be satisfied at my "success"?

The world today seems to be filled with corruption of minds and souls. Ethics has been removed from dictionary a long time ago. And, the primary goal of people is to get rich rather than make a significant impact in the betterment of the society while earning profits.

I believe "successful" people do reflect on their actions and achievements. Even if you are envied by your colleagues and the society, what if you doubt your achievement? What if you regret that you could have got whatever you have even by holding your principles? Will your "success" really mean big to you?

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