Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bias-free News

The way we think is heavily molded by the news and views we read. So, the journalists should recheck their findings before they publish it. When it comes to data visualization, journalists turn to their analysts. It is these analysts, whose comments form the base of the content journalist will pursue in writing.
Perception Vase - Different People, Different Perception

Although the processing of data has to be done following standard processes, the way analysts present and interpret them varies widely. A single number can have multiple interpretations. This is due to the varied psychology of analysts in understanding the data. So, when these data are presented by the analysts, rather than being neutral, these are often biased by analysts' cultural, religious, geographical and most importantly political background. If the analysis of data is itself biased, can we trust the news in the media be bias-free?

We certainly can't.

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